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About Our Paint

The good thing about buying a pre-painted hood or spoiler is that you don't have to hassle with a body shop. Our painters paint hoods and spoilers every day under controlled conditions to give you the best quality available. We buy our paint directly from PPG Paint and we mix it ourselves to match the OEM Formulas exactly.

It is PPG's Deltron base coat / clear coat system. We paint the top surface of your hood to a Class A finish and the underside to a Class B finish. Our spoilers are painted to a Class A finish.

After each hood or spoiler is painted, it is inspected for any dirt or defects and if necessary, it is wet sanded and buffed. Once it is finished, each hood and spoiler goes through a final inspection. If it does not meet our stringent quality standards, it is rejected and sent back to be redone.

Once the hood or spoiler passes inspection, it is packaged thoroughly to protect it during transit to you. If for any reason, your hood or spoiler is damaged in transit, then refuse the shipment and we will send you another one.

If you have a new vehicle, it is very unlikely that there will be a problem with the paint color match. If there is, we stand behind our work 100% and we will work with you until it is correct.

If your vehicle is older, you may have to buff the rest of your vehicle to bring back its shine to match the hood's new paint.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not guarantee paint color match for vehicles more than three model years old.

PAINT QUALITY: APM Automotive's paint quality standard is the same as can be expected at any local body shop charging a similar price. This level of quality means there may be slight imperfections in the paint surface. If you, as a customer, need a "show quality" paint finish, we recommend that you purchase a hood in the unpainted state and have the painting performed by a custom paint business in your area.

If your body color is metallic (like silver), you may experience a condition called 'Metal Flop.' This condition is caused when one body panel is painted at a separate time than the other adjoining body panels. This could cause the metal in the metallic paint to lay in a different direction and reflect light differently. Your hood could appear a little light or a little darker than say, your fenders depending on the direction you are looking from.

The only way to overcome this problem is to either paint the whole vehicle at the same time that you paint the hood or to have the hood blended into the fenders by spraying both the hood & fenders. This process can be very costly and is mostly likely not necessary. In most cases, unless you are a perfectionist, the slight difference in the lighter or darker shade of one body panel to another, will not bother you.

Our paint carries a one year warranty against cracking, peeling, fading or oxidizing. We have very few paint problems with our painted hoods. Usually it is the "perfectionist" that will call with a problem. If the paint finish is damaged or you are dissatisfied with the quality of our paint when you receive your hood or spoiler, it would be best if you went ahead and installed it on your vehicle to make sure the fit is ok. Once you have fitted it, stand back 5-8 feet and see if you still notice the problem that you may have seen at one foot away.


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