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OEM Engineered Materials (HIGH-IMPACT PLASTIC)

More and more today, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are using engineered plastics as the product of choice for body panels on their vehicles. There is a good reason for that. They are lighter in weight, which makes vehicles more fuel-efficient, plastic does not rust and it does not damage easily.

Some good examples of engineered plastics are the GM Saturn. It's body panels are comprised mostly of plastic. Most front and rear fascias are plastic as well. Also the front fenders of the 2002 Trans Am are engineered plastic.

While our ram air hood is made from a more rigid plastic, it also has great impact and heat resistance.

Engineered plastic body panels are made with machines that have aluminum or steel molds, and have perfect repeatability from part to part. Aluminum and steel molds are very reliable.

Engineered plastics are the perfect choice because in the long-run, they hold up better, are lighter, easier to paint, have better impact resistance and make for a perfect fit every time. Engineered plastics are not to be confused with urethane plastic parts, which are often used in the aftermarket. Unlike urethane parts (where paint does not adhere well), primer and paint stick very well to engineered plastic.

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