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2002-2008 Dodge Ram Air Hood

This Power Hood gives the Dodge Ram an aggressive look, is fully Ram Air functional only when used with the optional ram air box to give your vehicle a little extra punch. It is constructed from an OEM engineered material for a perfect fit and finish every time. This hood comes with two black plastic honeycomb vent grilles. This hood is available both unpainted or prepainted by us. This hood also comes with a one year warranty.

Part No. Raw - 801032

Part No. Painted - 801030

2002-2007 Dodge Ram / Ram Air Hood

Don't be fooled by buying a Factory SRT hood. While their hood will allow some airflow to your engine compartment, it is not a forced ram air system. One thing they don't tell you is your engine will be flooded with water because the SRT hood does not have any built-in rain guards like our Power Hood to prevent water from getting into the engine compartment.

** Fits all 2002-2007 models including the new Dodge Ram Hemi


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