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2014 TOYOTA TUNDRA Ram Air Hood

This hood fits the New 2014Toyota Tundra. This new Tundra hood is fully Ram Air functional when used with the 5.7L Gas Engine Air Box. The Tundra hood is constructed from hand-laid fiberglass and high quality "ISO" resin. The hood comes in a gelcoat ready to be prepped, primed and painted or prepainted from us. Also included is a black metal mesh vent grille and two silver "ram air" decals. Optional Stainless Steel billet-style vent grille insert is available for an additional charge. Each hood comes with a one year warranty.

Part No. Raw - 811542

Part No. Painted - 811540

2014 Toyota Tundra Ram Air Hood


STAINLESS STEEL Billet-STYLE Vent Grille Upgrade

Part No. 820018


Hood Underside

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